A Very Expat Thanksgiving

I’m used to not being home for holidays, especially Thanksgiving. But, I’m not used to be in a different country for them. Usually, I was simply on the other side of the US and could spend the holiday with my friends’ families.

One of the nice things about the Expat Community is you get to still celebrate a holiday but still incorporate what “home” means to you and invite a few of your non-American friends to join in the fun. For out Thanksgiving we had about 30 people and two (yes, TWO) turkeys.

Our wonderful Graduate Student Association was able to order two turkey even though I’ve heard horror stories about finding them in France. Oddly enough, the butcher next to my friends’ flat had a turkey roasting for another group of Expats and sold my friend a pre-stuffed one on the spot, on Thanksgiving day. He was truly lucky!

This was also the first year many of us had ever tried to cook a turkey or make the awesome foods we usually enjoy at home. My stuffing didn’t come out to bad and the turkeys both came out great! (Until we droped one outside of the metro.)

I’ll always be thankful for my family back state-side, but I’m also thankful for the little family-communities that form when you’re abroad. Mine has made the first part of moving to a new country so much easier.

Food round 2

Dinner for the guests, round 1 and 2 out of too many to count.

Fancy deviled eggs.

Home means amazing guacamole and black bean salsa for some of us! And pretty fall decorations.

The turkey we lost to the metro

Obligatory next-day leftovers. On a baguette of course!

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One Response to A Very Expat Thanksgiving

  1. sybaritica says:

    Those devilled eggs look good 🙂

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